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Fostering the next generation of problem solvers for Ireland

Student Participants
% of participants report improved problem-solving skills

Problem-Solving Initiative

The ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology presents the Problem-Solving Initiative, designed to help:

• Raise the Irish public’s awareness of and appreciation for the importance and applicability of problem-solving skills across science, the economy and society

• Promote STEM career pathways for those who enjoy solving problems

• Encourage people of all ages to hone their lateral-thinking skills

• Create enthusiasm within the Irish public for problem solving by engaging people directly with exciting puzzles and mind-bending challenges.

What are the main elements of The Problem-Solving Initiative?

•Expansion of the ADAPT All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad problem-solving competition for secondary school students (22,500 participants to date). See www.adaptcentre.ie/ailo

•Expanding on problem-solving skills in Primary Schools with problem-solving workshops using Ozobots – tiny robots that can be  given instructions with simple colour codes drawn on paper

•An extensive public awareness campaign to highlight and provide examples of the economic and social benefit of a strong problem-solving workforce, and exemplify careers requiring problem-solving skills.

•Mind-bending puzzles made available online to the public

View our Problem Solving Initiative flyer here http://problemsolving.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/PSI-Trifold-AW.pdf

Previous elements included:

•A family-friendly Problem-Solving Festival that invites public to “test their minds” with fun problem-solving activities in Trinity College Dublin in Sep 2017.

•Hosting the International Linguistics Olympiad in Dublin in July 2017, bringing to Ireland the top 180 young problem solvers from 28 countries.

Meet Our Team


Cara Greene

Research Outreach Coordinator

Laura Grehan

Education and Public Engagement Manager

Colm O’Hehir

Public Engagement Officer

Olivia Waters

Marketing and Communications Manager