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Fostering the next generation of problem solvers for Ireland

Student Participants
% of participants report improved problem-solving skills

Problem-Solving Initiative

The ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology presents the Problem-Solving Initiative.

This two-year (2016-2017) nationwide initiative is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and is designed to help:

• Raise the Irish public’s awareness of and appreciation for the importance and applicability of problem-solving skills across science, the economy and society

• Promote STEM career pathways for those who enjoy solving problems

• Encourage people of all ages to hone their lateral-thinking skills

• Create enthusiasm within the Irish public for problem solving by engaging people directly with exciting puzzles and mind-bending challenges.

What are the main elements of The Problem-Solving Initiative?

•Expansion of the ADAPT All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad problem-solving competition for secondary school students (12,000 participants to date). See www.adaptcentre.ie/ailo

•An extensive public awareness campaign to highlight and provide examples of the economic and social benefit of a strong problem-solving workforce, and exemplify careers requiring problem-solving skills.

•Hosting the International Linguistics Olympiad in Dublin in July 2017, bringing to Ireland the top 180 young problem solvers from 30 countries.

•A family-friendly Problem-Solving Festival that invites public to “test their minds” with fun problem-solving activities in Dublin Castle on 5th August 2017.

•Mind-bending puzzles made available to the public and shared via social media.

View our Problem Solving Initiative flyer here http://problemsolving.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/PSI-Trifold-AW.pdf

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Cara Greene

Research Outreach Coordinator

Laura Grehan

Education and Public Engagement Manager

Colm O’Hehir

Public Engagement Officer

Olivia Waters

Marketing and Communications Manager